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DZ2's Way of the Warrior Response: Lily had a well guarded secret that few knew about. Upon her and her husband's death, their son was taken by her allies. They raised Harry to become, not only a warrior, but an Assassin. They kept Harry away from those who would seek to influence the boy for their own desires."The magic was strong and the feelings involved were stronger," Beverly said softly. She smiled gently at Harry. "The magic of the blood adoption recognized that you needed a family and it gave you one. A father and a brother. You are now blood related to both." Harry gasped, glancing at Snape and Draco to see their reactions.A Grave Mistake. It was a quiet, normal night in Godric's Hollow and Lily was putting her children to bed. Harry was already in his cot, lying there peacefully while Iris was in her mother's arms. Harry had inherited his father's jet black, scruffy hair and his mother's piercing green eyes while Iris had turned into a clone of her mother but ...Lower-Consequence. •. In The Many Lives of Sirius Black series, there’s one fic where Harry gets taken in by Sirius at age 8 and another where he takes him in after third year - they’re both great and complete. Stealing Harry is a great one, too, where Sirius and Remus take him from the Dursleys when he was eight.Books Harry Potter. Condemning the Innocent By: DaggersBloodPain. Slash! HPCD Second story in the Innocent's trilogy. Aidan Malfoy grows into his magic and shoulders the burden of a destiny greater than any can imagine. Complete! Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Drama - Harry P., Draco M. - Chapters: 13 - Words: 16,746 - Reviews: 187 ...Wandwood By: D.Mentor. When Harry is thought to have lost his magic Sirius adopts him and leaves England. Years later Harry meets the new transfer student from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger. Who has a grudge against the Potters. WBWL, good Lily and James, eventually.Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin by The Sinister Man. Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. His brother Jim is believed to be the BWL.38 votes, 22 comments. true. I tried reading Linkffn(The Black Heir by Firephoenix8; A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story) and I can't stomach the way the writers try to justify pure-blood bigotry as a rational and justifiable world view.A truly everyman MC Harry: Harry Potter is a regular boy raised lovingly by his parents in the wizarding world. Neville Longbottom is the BWL. However, Harry Potter is still the main character of the story that becomes the primary figure of …Severus Snape Has a Heart. After seven-year-old Harry Potter runs away from his relatives' home for the sixth time, Albus decides something drastic must happen. Instead of sending a friendly witch from family services like he had done before, he sends Severus Snape in hopes of scaring the boy into staying put.Books Harry Potter. Take on the World Together By: potterfamilyfanfiction. Snape, in an attempt to save Lily, created a potion that kept James and Lily alive when hit with the killing curse, but put them into a coma. When they wake up seven years later, they find themselves on a journey to fix what went wrong: to free Sirius from Azkaban, help ...A female voice suddenly said from the doorway. Standing there was a black-haired grey-eyed woman. ''Cassie,'' Marius said while getting up from his chair and then hugged his cousin. ''Hello cousin.''. Cassiopeia Black said while hugging Marcus back before releasing him and then going to see Harry ''And this must be Dorea's grandchild, Harry.''.Sirius had collected Harry on the night of James' and Lily's untimely demise. Traveling to New York, Sirius was left to escape the Aurors. Knocking on a random house, Sirius dumped Harry into one Vito Scaletta's arms. Now Vito is left with the task of raising Harry, and teaching him all he knows. Rated M! AU!Custody By: SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool. AU/OOC Voldemort was defeated in the graveyard. Sirius is a free man, and he and Remus are ready to take Harry home. But Albus shocks them with the arrival of a surprise couple. A heated custody dispute ensues, will Harry ever be the same. warn slash/mprg.Shego and Kim soon end up working together to raise Harry and after a few years, realize that they're effectively married as Kim now lives with Shego. the two make it official and they both blood-adopt Harry, whereupon the 10% chance hits and he becomes a she.FemHarry was kidnapped at age fourteen. Mindwiped of all memories and trained as a soldier and assassin...clad in a dark uniform, she's now the Shadaloo Doll Agent Iuli. Rose kept an eye on two special girls...who, if left alone, will aid Bison's twisted goals. And upon being made to live as a normal girl by well-meaning men in her life, her ...A truly everyman MC Harry: Harry Potter is a regular boy raised lovingly by his parents in the wizarding world. Neville Longbottom is the BWL. However, Harry Potter is still the main character of the story that becomes the primary figure of his generation in the fight against Voldemort.Harry finds out he isn't a potter in fact he isn't even human. He's a wolf blood. Find out how harry deals with finding out the truth who he really in this story. (starts from his birth until his second Halloween and then skips to finding out about magic to the end of his first year at Hogwarts.) Rated: K - English - Family/Friendship ... An elderly, balding man asked. "Hadrian James Potter." I replied, fighting off nausea. "Your early. Once your okay to move, please proceed to the waiting room, where you may contact your parents." He said, somewhat rudely. A scan of his surface thoughts revealed a disdain for "dark" wizards. "Alright. Thank you." On Harry Potter's sixteenth birthday he discovers he is a creature and is drawn to Voldemort much to his initial horror. Then he discovers the truth behind the Dark, Light and the War and must make a choice which will decide not only his future but the fate of the Wizarding World. Language: English.Ce n'est qu'un au revoir by Nuwie reviews. TRADUCTION Sirius est reconnu innocent, et peut enfin offrir à son filleul la vie dont il a toujours rêvé. Mais leur bonheur est de courte durée. Lorsque Sirius est déclaré mort, Harry se retrouve seul, et sans personne sur qui compter.Two young children were sleeping in the same room, one girl and one boy, the girl was very protective of her little brother and had always disliked Pettigrew, whether he was human or in his animagus form. Regardless, she loved her parents, her godfather Sirius, and her honorary uncle Remus, along with her cute brother.Time Travel. Fem! Harry. HP/NS. A badly timed wish, a mysterious mirror and Harriet Potter's knack for trouble equal one unexpected trip to the past...naturally. Dropping into the lap of a young Newt Scamander was the last way she had expected her day to end but Harry soon learns that maybe fate intervened for a reason. \\COMPLETE/.Harry Potter and the Four Realms by Daphne Li reviews. Harry Potter is neglected in infancy, and kidnapped by a person determined to save him. From there he grows up happily, but his life is turned upside down when fate calls on him to return to and save the world he once belonged to. HPGW, RWHG, Summary Insi.A thought at the back of her mind thought of Lily's son, Harry. Petunia mentally shook her head. Lily loved Harry equal to as much as Petunia loved little Dudley. She and her husband wouldn't just leave him on a doorstep. But when the little boy opened his eyes, Petunia couldn't help herself.Slytherin King / WBWL Fanfiction. Harry James Potter, master of death, has been reincarnated hundreds of times and is and will always be the most powerful being alive. ... Sirius and Remus couldn't believe how much their own best friend had changed, he used to be like Sirius' brother in all but blood. Fleamont and Euphemia would be rolling in ...CHAPTER 1 - GRINGOTTS. Harry Potter was 13 years old and a pretty happy person after he saved the philosopher's stone in his first year at Hogwarts. He did not dare say this to his aunt and uncle, because quite frankly, they would have been distraught and would rather that he died than lived. This is how horrible his 'relatives' were, and to ...With a sigh, Harry walked back to his bed. His last thought before he fell asleep was Sirius' shocked face as he fell through the veil. Sirius slowly opened his eyes expecting to see the battle but instead saw a large wide grass field. His eyes snapped open and he scrambled into a sitting position.Harry Potter, Son of the Moon By: SilkenRoseDreams. Inspired by the song Hijo De La Luna by Mecano, this story is about Harry being the son of the moon, and making different choices in life because of this. First year. Semi-smarter!Harry, no pairing till a later fic. It will be slash. Prologue. After years of searching, he had finally found where the boy lived. A weight had lifted from him, but only once he had the boy could he truly relax. The man seemed normal enough, dressed in tan pants, a dark green shirt with a faded look to it, and loafers. His hair was combed neatly and his brown eyes were mysteriously soft, but ... HEA in the end. This Harry Potter story was written for fun. All rights belong to the wonderful lady (JK Rowling) who gave the world Harry Potter to read and enjoy. The story continues with the goblins discussing the plotting by the Potters, the plan for a blood adoption at a later date, and the true origin of the child now known as Harry Potter. Metamorphmagus and Parselmouth Harry. Chapter 1: An Unfortunate Event: Darkness and pain were the first things Harry James Potter observed as he woke in unspeakable agony. The first thought that popped into his head was what happened, but then he remembered. He was sitting in his room at privet drive, then everything changed.Friends to Lovers. Book 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Magdalena was fortunate to have the opportunity to live a second life as the only daughter of James …Finding James—oh merlin and morgana James was dead-finding James lying broken on the floor, eyes glassy and wide with fear. Running up the stairs to find Lily—poor fiery, beautiful, Lily—on the floor, green eyes missing their light. Grabbing Harry, his sweet lovely godson bound to him by blood and magic, who was screaming and crying and ...Sirius took a bottle and sat down with his godson. "Harry Sirius Potter, you will show them all one day." James shook his head. "Look how sickly he is, he is likely some squib." Severus performed an old test. "No, he definitely has magic in there, an odd magic, but there." Sirius looked down at the little boy. "Drink little one, you need your ...The Black Bird's Song by TeaLovingAmerican reviews. On July 31st 1980, two souls were brought into the world in the halls of St. Mungo's. Shortly after, one departed. Corvus Altair Malfoy, the infant who had survived, is quickly stolen away in the night and is forced to pose as the stillborn Harry James Potter.Date: Middle of July in between Harry's 4th and 5th year a week after the full moon. Chapter 1: Reminiscing. One day in the middle of July, things in the wizarding world were looking grim. One of the darkest wizards in the world had just risen and most people did not believe it. At the house of Remus Lupin, a man named Sirius Black was hard at ...Sirius took a bottle and sat down with his godson. "Harry Sirius Potter, you will show them all one day." James shook his head. "Look how sickly he is, he is likely some squib." Severus performed an old test. "No, he definitely has magic in there, an odd magic, but there." Sirius looked down at the little boy. "Drink little one, you need your ...Books Harry Potter. Twins: A Different Life By: Jessiikaa15. When Voldemort attacked he didn't kill Lily and James. When he met his downfall they mistook Harry's twin as the GWL, they send their son away to the Dursleys but he doesn't quite make it in to the Dursley's loving care. Harry will take Hogwarts and his 'family' by storm and by the ...A selection of stories where Harry has either ran away when he was young, was taken or adopted by other families, left after the war, disappears, turns into an animal and can't be found,, went to a different school, was lost in time,or held hostage. Stories here may contain AU's. SLASH, Any Harry Pairings, All Eras,or Mpreg. Sequel to "Harry ...Chapter One: Harry Sirius Potter once had a normal life, he had three older siblings and two wonderful parents for eight years of it. They were a happy little family, with many friends. Never did without since the Potter family was pretty well off. That all changed Halloween 1998, Harry had been eight years old.A prophecy has been made on the waking of Harry Potter(-Black)'s birth talking about him and a daughter of two powerful gods, Hermes and Artemis, saying that they both will change the Wizarding, Mortals/Muggles and Immortal Worlds for the better. Are they up to the challenge? AN: I am not J.K Rowling nor am I Rick Riordan!For fantasy fans, it’s been disheartening and disappointing to see J.K. Rowling’s recent lack of respect for the trans community. Seeing Rowling’s transphobic tweets and comments l......

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Books Harry Potter. The Missing Flamel Heir By: Athena96. Charlie has just done an Inheritance Test at Gringotts and finds ...

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This C2 contains stories with Harry and the founder weither it be one or all of them in it or any of their heirdoes not include Voldy. Har...

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Books Harry Potter. Return of the Squib By: Thundramon. An abused & neglected Harry runs away from the Dursleys after being placed t...

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Harry now realized he was truly unloveable. The Potters didn't love him, they abandone...

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Books Harry Potter. A Black Resurgence By: AlexMurray11235. Arcturus Black, Head of the Black Family, manage...

Want to understand the For fantasy fans, it’s been disheartening and disappointing to see J.K. Rowling’s recent lack of respect for the trans community. Seeing? Get our free guide:

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